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Twitch is adjusting subscription pricing based on the user’s location

Up to now, viewers have been asked to pay $4.99/€4.99/£4.99 for a T1 subscription to their favourite Twitch streamers, regardless of where they live.  For certain countries, this quantity may not seem much, but for others, it's more than the average hourly income. To prevent this from happening, Twitch announced the implementation of the Local Subscription Pricing plan.

After careful study, Twitch concluded that Asian and European viewers tend to subscribe 50% less than US viewers. In Latin America's case, it gets even worse, with a subscriber base that's about 80% less than that of the US. The Local Subscription aims to solve this by adjusting the T1 subscription pricing based on the viewers' country of residence.

Twitch also thought about the content creators who might be afraid of losing some revenue with the new changes. For three months, Twitch will be covering “100% of baseline channel and Prime sub revenue.” After that, it will “decrease incentive payments by 25% every three months over the following nine months.”

The first countries to benefit from Twitch's Local Subscription Pricing plan will be Turkey and Mexico on May 20th, but more countries are expected to be included in the plan soon. In Turkey, a T1 subscription will cost about 9.90 Turkish lira (around $1.19). As for Mexico, a T1 sub will be priced at 48 pesos (around $2.42).

If you want to check which countries will be covered in the Local Subscription Pricing plan, you can follow this link.

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KitGuru says: Have you ever thought about subscribing to a Twitch streamer, but ended up not doing it because of the price? Will you subscribe to more streamers if Twitch reduces the subscription price in your country?

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