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Creative Assembly’s Alien game artwork leaked

We’re all a bit jaded on Alien games at the moment, I understand that. Aliens: Colonial Marines was such a colossal disappointment, it’s either stupidity or bravery that has Creative Assembly taking that horse away from Gearbox and clambering back on it this soon after release. Which is perhaps why this is leaked imagery and not something official. Still, it looks somewhat promising even in this state.

The two images that have landed come from (where else?) NeoGAF and show some potential cover art of a woman inside the classic Alien space suit, looking fearfully back at what the reflection tells us, is a first-movie-like interpretation of the Xenomorph. It also shows us the game’s name as Alien: Isolation, suggesting perhaps a survival horror type game, which if the setting from the first film is nailed well, would make for a good genre choice.

In space no can hear you OMGWTFISTHAT!


The second image shows a space station, or ship of some sort, with detritus and possible bodies drifting away from it, while it orbits a planet – and I think we can all guess which one that is.

These images play into previous rumours we’ve heard that said it would be a first person horror title featuring Ripley’s daughter, Amanda Ripley, who we know very little about beyond that she died between the events of the first and second Alien films.

KitGuru Says: I probably won’t ever end up playing this, as much as I love the Alien’s franchise. Either it’ll be so poor that I won’t want it to taint the series, or it’ll be so good that I’ll crap myself too much to ever boot it up. 

[Cheers CVG]

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  1. I’m a massive Aliens fan and colonial Marines was a good laugh to play with friends in co op but it was very badly made. Hopefully this will be a lot better and do the series some justice but I won’t hold my breath.