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GOG giving away classic Aliens VS Predator 2000

GOG, the DRM free games store likes to give away classic games occasionally, it previously gave away the classic Fallout titles and the company has now teamed up with developer, Rebellion, to give away the classic Alien VS Predator 2000 game. There is a small catch, GOG is looking to …

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Get out of there Dallas! Alien Isolation released

Today sees the worldwide release of Alien: Isolation, potentially the best Alien (not Alien vs Predator mind you) game ever released. It's reviewed well, with most highlighting the xenomorph's lifelike hunting as being a real scare generator, even if some of the game does feel a bit padded. Still, for …

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Gearbox Headquarters receives hoax bomb threat

Gearbox, the developer behind the Borderlands series and Aliens: Colonial Marines, received a bomb threat at its headquarters last Friday. Oddly enough, the threat was called in at around 7:30 PM, after most of the employees had already gone home but once the bomb squad arrived, it was revealed that …

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In Alien: Isolation, how will you survive?

In the build up to the release of Alien Isolation in just under a month's time, Creative Assembly has been releasing teasers of the game with the tagline (and hashtag) “how you will you survive?” If our efforts are anything like those of the player being showcased in the trailers, …

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Alien: Isolation shows up on Xbox Store

The next Sega stab at publishing a game based on the Alien franchise has a lot to live up to after the debacle that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is why everyone held their breath when it became clear it was pushing one out as soon as mid 2014. However …

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