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Alien: Isolation Switch release date announced

Alien: Isolation served as a rejuvenation for the Alien franchise when it released in 2014. The game was seen as a return to form, especially after the release of the critically panned ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’, in 2013. While fans eagerly await a sequel, those who have yet to play it, or simply wish to play the game a second time, can now do so on the Nintendo Switch, as the game has now received a release date for the hybrid console.

Alien: Isolation was announced for the Switch back during E3 this year. It was slated to release during 2019, but until now, had no solid release date. The survival horror game has now been given a release date of the 5th of December.

Alien: Isolation will cost £29.99, and while that may seem steep for a 5 year old game, the title will be packaged with all 7 of its DLC packs. Furthermore, the game will support gyroscope aiming, and HD rumble, meaning that encounters with the alien will be even more tense, as you feel the alien breathing down your neck.

Originally developed by Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive have taken porting duties for the game, having ported the MacOS and Linux versions previously. While many of the Alien: Isolation design team no longer work at Creative Assembly, the game received multiple awards, including a BAFTA, and has inspired a mobile spin-off, alongside comic book sequels and novelisations.

A sequel was at one point considered, and with the game having sold over 2 million copies, and being ported to Switch 5 years after its original release, it would make sense if SEGA’s decision to port the game wasn’t being done in ‘isolation’.

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