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Gran Turismo 6 micro-transactions aren’t cheap

If you didn't know I'm sorry to break the news to you, but the next Gran Turismo game is going to have micro-transactions. That's right if you want to you can play the game as usual and earn your way to the newer cars, or you can just pay to have the game unlock them for you. Because why play when you can pay, right?

That one at the end? That's £10 

This was revealed in a video (via Eurogamer) that shows the prices of every car within the game. It's not just the special ones that you can buy, you can literally pay for every single one if you want to, though that would quickly get expensive, as some cars cost a lot of money. One in particular, the Jaguar XJ13, would set you back almost £120. There's also multiple cars that cost £30 each and many more that cost at least £10, meaning you'd have to put hundreds into the game to unlock everything – making it a very ill advised strategy.

Check out the video of the cars in-game credit costs here: [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaiI2fUpXBs']

But you'll need to know how much those credits cost to the do the conversion:

  • 500,000 In-Game Credits – £3.99
  • 1 Million In-Game Credits – £7.99
  • 2,500,000 In-Game Credits – £15.99
  • 7 Million In-Game Credits – £39.99

The question at this point, is whether the inclusion of micro-transactions means it'll be even harder to unlock the cars normally? Sony has said that it won't, instead suggesting that the micro-transactions allow a quick fast track if players want it.

Kitguru Says: What do you think of these micro-transactions for every car? As long as it doesn't affect the game it doesn't bother me too much. I won't pay for them. If someone else wants to help fund the development of the next game beyond buying the full version of this one, I have no problem wit that. 

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  1. I fear this may go the same downwrds route planty of android games (and too many other games, but in pc mostly free ones only) have gone…often you need imesurable hours of play unless you pay for the stuff… was I to buy the game this would make me wait a month or 2 after release to assure me I was “safe”

  2. I can’t say I am surprised that it contains microtransactions as it seems the way of the future for games. Purists will argue that it is heinous and blasphemous to denegrate the game this way, casual gamers will say that they are glad as they don’t have the time to grind for credits. One of my favourite PC games (Football Manager) not long ago brought microtransactions into it’s game and, while it allows quicker progression, it does not have any effect on the game if you choose not to use them. I can’t imagine that PD and Sony would be stupid enough to make things harder for those who don’t use MT’s…after all, if they did that, they would likely see more revenue loss in future through people stopping buying the game than they would make in MT’s. I guess there’s no real way to know for sure till the game is released but, personally, it has had no impact on my excitement