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PS4 sharing can be turned off by developers

One of the biggest features showcased by Sony during its PS4 unveiling earlier this year, was the share button. It's on the controllers themselves and lets you instantly share footage of your gameplay with the world. This could be pre-recorded action, live let's-plays, or just a simple linkup with friends for hints. However it now turns out that developers will be able to opt out of the sharing mechanic, by disabling the button in their games.

This announcement came from the mouth of Sony Worldwide Studios head, Shuhei Yoshida while speaking with 4Gamer (via CVG). He said that the reason it would be an opt out system for developers, was so that certain sections of the game weren't out there for everyone to see. Of course this idea seems to gloss over the fact that people have been sharing gaming video for years now by ripping straight from the video stream. Stopping them sharing in the easier manner will just make them revert to the harder one.

Sony is hoping the new sharing features increase the sociable aspects of gaming

He also spoke about the reasoning behind implementing the sharing feature, saying that it came from his love of the game Dark Souls.

KitGuru Says: It makes sense to hand over developmental control of all facets of a console, giving the developer as many tools to work with as they can. However if anyone tries to block certain parts of a game from being shared, the internet will just take it as a challenge.

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