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Firefox continues to recover as IE, Safari falter

Desktop browser usage was once dominated by Internet Explorer, but those days are long gone. Today Chrome rules the roost and as Internet Explorer usage took a huge dip in 2016, many of those transitioned over to the Google browser. However at the tail end of the year Firefox began …

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Nintendo shares skyrocket following Pokémon Go success


Nintendo has had a tough time of things in recent years, struggling with the Wii U and coming very late to the smartphone game. Now that it has arrived though, it’s dominating. Pokémon Go is a sensation that’s taken the world by storm and it’s lead to a huge drive in …

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Ubisoft shares take a beating in wake of Watch Dogs delay

Ubisoft isn’t sitting pretty after its recent announcement that its next-gen flagship title, Watch Dogs, would be delayed until 2014, as much of its near-future earnings were locked up in that hacking sandbox. At least that’s what shareholders must have been thinking, as Ubisoft’s stock has dropped 26 per cent since …

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