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TorrentHound becomes third big site to shutdown in 2016


2016 has not been a good year for torrent sites. On top of losing mainstream sharing traction to streaming sites and services, three of the top 10 torrent sites in the world have shut down. Following along with KickassTorrens and Torrentz, TorrentHound has now announced a sudden end to its …

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Dropbox patents peer to peer file-sharing system

File locker website Dropbox has patented a new type of sharing technology that would allow its users to use peer to peer networking to share their Dropbox files and folders with one another without sending them through the company's servers. Although ostensibly for backup purposes, this system could also make …

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Netflix may one day be run using WebTorrent technology

Netflix and other streaming services like it are crowning achievements of modern web standards and technology; able to stream pedabytes of data to consumers around the world, simultaneously and (mostly) without difficulty. However it faces the same problems as other large online entities, colossal web-traffic bills and the inerrant security …

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Snapchat daily video views reach six billion

Snapchat is one of the biggest social communication platforms of the past few years and is still growing at an unprecedented rate. As of right now, its users are sending videos that between them all are watched more than six billion times per day. While these numbers haven't been officially …

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Rapidshare will close. No longer feels like sharing


Filesharing sites tend to have pretty short lives, with most popular sites being forced to call it a day after a few years at most. Rapidshare has been though its share of ups and downs, but it has been around for a long time now, since it was first founded in 2002 …

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Pirate Bay’s official raid response

The downing of the torrent search site The Pirate Bay last week, was a watershed moment in online file sharing. As with the takedowns of other infamous internet sites it spawned dismay from fans, was heralded as a breakthrough in copyright protection by the lobby groups and became an opportunity …

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PopJam will work like Instagram, but for kids

Picture sharing is obviously a big thing these days, with more mobile apps to do it than you can shake a stick at, but never has one been designed specifically for children. That's what PopJam is and while with recent BBC presenter scandals fresh in our minds it might sound …

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Steam users can now share games

Valve finally opened up Steam's family sharing feature to all users this weekend, gamers can now give up to five accounts access to their libraries on ten separate devices. However, it's not as simple as typing in a Steam username and giving them access, you will have to log on …

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Dotcom’s Baboom will pay you for browsing the internet

Kim Dotcom's upcoming music streaming service, Baboom, if it takes off, will become a hot new competitor for the likes of Spotify, Youtube and other prominent music streamers. But beyond the musical side of things, Dotcom is also looking to release a tool that could help you earn money just …

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US judge destroys future of mass Piracy lawsuits

One of the most distasteful elements of the copyright lobbyist vs piracy conflict over the past few years, has been the former group targeting individual file sharers with enormous lawsuits that try to force them into bankruptcy by demanding huge payouts per movie uploaded/downloaded. These got even worse when companies …

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Filesonic, Wupload disappear after fall from grace

File Lockers

Two websites that were once among the top file locker websites in the world, have disappeared offline, marking the end of a steep downwards decline in user numbers and market influence. Filesonic and Wupload, two sister sites were at the top of their game in the earliest days of 2012, seeing a …

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