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Rocket League’s upcoming Wasteland is a bigger, shallower map

Rocket League's success is undeniable. For a game that almost came out of nowhere, it's done well to maintain much of its popularity since its release back in July, but some have clamoured for more varied gameplay. The Wasteland map, coming free alongside the new Chaos Run DLC, may just give them that. With a larger pitch, a lower, curved ceiling and different boost placements, it's Rocket League's most varied map to date.

While developer Psyonix has released new maps since the launch of the game, they have really only featured visual tweaks. Mutators added some true randomness to the game, with its numerous and bizarre changes to gameplay, but altering the layout and having walls that so quickly roll over into the middle of the map, makes the Wasteland unique among its peers.


While it will be free though, the Chaos Run DLC that it comes along with won't be. That update will feature all the typical additions we've come to expect from Rocket League updates, including new decals and paint jobs, a pair of new battle cars, some additional wheels and trails – all likely available for a couple of pounds.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ARZ-Emjfs0′]

Or at least it will be in December when the next DLC update launches. The above video doesn't tell us exactly when, but sometime next month for sure.

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KitGuru Says: It's been a while since every evening was a Rocket League evening for me. A different map would certainly make it worth getting the team back together though.

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