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Twitch streamer dies after 22 hours straight gaming

Although gaming isn’t as harmful for you as the tabloids would suggest, marathon sessions do seem to have some potential for health concerns. In the case of one Twitch streamer, fatally so, as 22 hours into a 25 hour gaming marathon, he died from what are currently considered unknown causes.

The 35-year-old World of Tanks streamer, Brian “Poshybrid” Vigneault, was taking part in a 25 hour livestream of various games as a culmination of many 20 hour+ streams he’d completed over the preceding week. All money generated during the event was going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation charity and he had pledged several hundred dollars of his own money to bump up donations.

At around 22 hours into his stream, Vigneault went outside for a smoke, but never returned. While he appeared to sign in to Discord the next day, it was discovered that the person doing so was a police officer investigating his death.

Source: Vignealt/Facebook

Since the news of his passing spread, many tributes have poured in from fans and his fellow streamers, including the FAME gaming clan, of which he was a part.

Vigneault is far from the only streamer to stay up for an ungodly number of hours to please fans and gain notoriety among the hotly competitive game streaming scene. As Kotaku reports, many feel the pressure to stream for longer and longer periods and it can put their mental and physical health at risk.

This is also far from the first time we’ve heard that a gamer has died after a lengthy session of play. Although there isn’t much research on it, there appears to be a correlation between sleep deprivation, lack of adequate nutrients and the poor circulation caused by sitting for long periods, that really stresses a body distracted by the lights, sounds and challenges of gaming.

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KitGuru Says: Be safe out there guys. Marathons aren’t for everyone and even if you can do it, make sure you’re hydrated, well fed and take plenty of breaks. Your life may very well depend on it. 

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  • Dávid Ispán

    Well its not 22 hour gaming, its 22 hour working, if u are a manual worker u have to work this much very often… it has nothing to do with gaming its just the fucked up world where u need to work 24/7..

  • Zac

    This isn’t the first case. There’s been several reported deaths from gaming marathons.

  • mazty

    That’s just not true. In most of Europe and the developed world, there are laws in place to prevent 40+ hour work weeks.

  • Robert Mawson

    You are hoping employers stick to such rules. many places don’t. UK, Channel Islands, Spain, Germany, France, the list goes on. It really has nothing to do with gaming. not everyone in the world fits into a stereotypical standard, and this guy could of developed symptoms of ANYTHING, people do go a long time between doctors visits. You can develop musculoskeletal issues, and eyesight problems (your eyes focus on one range for hours without focusing elsewhere, thus the muscles used to focus are not used, and the eye deteriorates). Death due to insomnia isn’t rare, but I’d hardly call this gguy an insomniac.

    More likely a compound of energy drinks and a pre existing MC.

  • mazty

    Not rules, but law. If employees don’t bother reporting their employer, then they are fools and the ones to blame.

    Also I didn’t mention gaming or speculate why the guy died….

  • Dávid Ispán

    Well not here in hungary at al… EU is not as good as westert countries think…

  • JonasTone

    Yeah no, the LAW is exactly that, there are a few professions that allow for hours beyond 40 per week, but they are heavily regulated and monitored. I worked in one of these, care, i used to work 13 hour waking night shifts 4 days per week, 48 hours total, by law no less than 48 hours off after those 48 hours of on. No day shifts within 48 hours of a night shift to ensure i was capable of my job,

    As for the gaming side of things, this dude could have had a condition, or he could have just exhausted his body with multiple 24 hour gaming sessions in a week like the article states. But unless there is autopsy data released we can only speculate on what actually happened.

    There are literally hundreds of possible things that could have caused him to just die.

    Did not know who he was, but i feel sympathy for his family and loved ones, and his fans.

  • mazty

    http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=706&langId=en&intPageId=205 If employees won’t stand up for their rights, then they’re idiots.

  • Robert Mawson

    Happy in your Tower matzy? not everyone has a choice of employer, not everyone has a fair deal. Some make a choice of longer hours, or no food for their family. This guy had nothing to do with the WTD, as he wasn’t employed, and therefore not subject to employment law. I feel sorry for his family, but these things happen. Maybe twitch could respond by initiating cooldowns between casts?

  • mazty

    I haven’t said anything about the guy and the WTD, I was saying how you claiming working hours in the EU aren’t controlled is BS. If people in the EU don’t want to exercise their rights, then they can be the only ones blamed for working long hours.

  • Dávid Ispán

    So do i, i’m really sad about this, i just wanted to say that its not because he played games, its just the play of gods.

  • Dávid Ispán

    And even more from working too much…