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UFC champion interrupted for drug test during Twitch stream… again

UFC Flyweight champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse,” Johnson is a pretty big gamer and he's been drawing a lot of fans in recent months by streaming his play. His streams have the potential to be interrupted by more than just SWAT teams though, as Mighty Mouse has once again been interrupted during play by the drug testing organisation, USADA.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency, or USADA, is the organisation that was brought in by the mixed martial arts organisation to attempt to weed out what was suspected to be an endemic of performance enhancing drug usage in the UFC. Mighty Mouse has never been found to be using anything like that, but he has been tested a lot.

One of the most successful aspects of USADA's drug testing, is that they are entirely random. They can show up at your house, place of work or even while you're streaming World of Warcraft, as was the case with Mighty Mouse when he was grinding through a dungeon on a recent stream.

Jump to 58 minutes for USADA's appearance

The testers were kind enough to let him finish the dungeon and complete his quests – though presumably that's partly due to Johnson's friendly attitude. USADA is well known for being dogged in pursuit of fighters who attempt to dodge their tests.

This is the second time that Johnson has had one of his streams interrupted by the organisation, so it was a little less surprising for him this time around. It seems likely to happen again in the future too, as Johnson plans to continue streaming and may even look to do it full time at the end of his MMA career.

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KitGuru Says: Although there are some fighters who would likely be far more concerned about USADA showing up unannounced, Mighty Mouse doesn't seem worried at all. Despite the little attention he gets, he's a very dominant champion and seems to be drug free. That's not that common. 

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