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Who needs friends? Teamless StarCraft player dominates division

Byun Hyun Woo, better known by his handle, Byun, is heading to Blizzcon, after having defeated his opponent in the final of his Code S division in the Global StarCraft II League in Korea, advancing him to the WCS finals at Blizzcon. What's surprising though, is that he managed it without a team behind him.

Previously known as GhostKing, Byun has been part of the competitive StarCraft II scene since 2010, consistently ranking as one of the top 200 players in the world on open ladders and has been part of various successful teams in the past. However at this time, Byun is entirely alone and yet managed to pull off the win at the finals.


Source: PCGN

His victory is even more impressive because of the person he beat. Two time World Champion sOs was no slouch and PCGN has it that Byun's victory was quite the upset. Apart from a stumble in their first game, he defeated sOs with a clean sweep, leaving many very surprised with the turnaround.

With this victory, Byun becomes the first player in the history of StarCraft to win major tournaments in both StarCraft: Broodwar and StarCraft II. No doubt he will be a hot property that teams will be looking to pick up in the near future, especially if he continues on his current tear.

Byun has also won a number of minor tournaments in 2016, as well as the Ting Open Season 2 and placed highly in several other major contests.

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KitGuru Says: Do you think someone will pick Byun up for their squad? Or is he more likely to continue on his own for now, since it seems to be working for him?

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  2. that is about the most unflattering picture they could have taken of him.

  3. Couple slight corrections to the article:
    1. While he was around in SC2 since 2010 but he did disappear for about 2 years, only making a reappearance to online events in mid 2015 and eventually entering live events again when LotV came out.

    2. Byun isn’t the only player to win a major tournament in Starcraft Broodwar and SC2. Not only have a few other players done so, but Byun never won a Starcraft Broodwar tournament in the first place since he was never competitive in the game.
    He was the first player in Starcraft history, that is 17 years of history, to win a premiere event in Korea while teamless. He didn’t also just become teamless. He has been teamless for a long time. Huge achievement.

    3. What an odd picture choice for the article! 😀

    Other then that, great to see an article featuring SC2 here! Especially for a player as deserving as Byun. Great guy. I casted the SC2 Global Showdown, of which he won, a couple months ago. The guy is unreal.

  4. Wow, I guess the ladder is good for something?

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