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StarCraft II development comes to an end

It has been five years since Blizzard released its last major expansion, Legacy of the Void, for StarCraft II. Since then, Blizzard has released smaller content updates for StarCraft II but those are coming to an end this year. Today, Blizzard officially announced that it has ceased development on StarCraft …

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Blizzard is suing Starcraft II map hackers

Dealing with hackers and cheaters is an endless battle for those running online multiplayer games. FPS titles are often some of the worst hit due to their popularity, with wall-hacks and aimbots sometimes ruining gameplay for large numbers of players, but these hacks are present in other genres too. In …

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At 25 you’re too old to be a pro gamer

I promise you I didn't wake up this morning looking to crush dreams, but if you find yourself blowing candles out on your 25th birthday and you haven't made it as a pro gamer yet, chances are you aren't going to, because your reaction times are already starting to decline. …

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Starcraft 2 Gallery and Concept artwork

With one of the most hotly awaited PC gamers ever to launch in the next day, we thought it would be a good idea to present a gallery to our regular KitGuru readers who have been hotly awaiting this title. Statistics in show that millions of people are still playing …

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