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343 Industries has no plans for future Halo Wars 2 content or Halo Wars 3

Aside from developing new titles like Halo Infinite, 343 Industries is also busy maintaining and updating older games in the series, like The Master Chief Collection and Halo Wars 2. While the Master Chief Collection appears set to live on for years to come, 343 is stepping back from Halo Wars 2. 

Halo Wars 2 came out in 2017 and was developed in partnership with Creative Assembly. After launch, a small team at 343 Industries took on development duties, adding new content and patching out any issues. Unfortunately, the RTS's time has come, with 343 Industries confirming that there will be no further updates to the game.


Writing on Halo Waypoint, the studio explains: “It's not always easy to be open and transparent – particularly when we expect it's not an answer the community wants to hear – but we want to give it to you straight: 343 Industries has no current plans for further Halo Wars 2 work including content updates, balance patches, bringing the title to other platforms, or a new game in the series”.

This means that Halo Wars 2 won't be making its way to other platforms like Steam. The game originally released back when Microsoft was first getting back to supporting gaming on Windows, meaning it was a Microsoft Store exclusive, installed via the highly criticised UWP system.

Aside from confirming that Halo Wars 2 has been dropped, 343 Industries also confirmed that there are no plans currently to produce a Halo Wars 3, so the RTS spin-off could be shelved for quite some time.

KitGuru Says: Did any of you play either of the Halo Wars games? Do you think Microsoft should consider another sequel? 

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