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Alan Wake writer still hopeful that Remedy will work on a sequel eventually

We’ve known for years now that Remedy has been interested in returning to Alan Wake. The original game was an Xbox 360 and PC exclusive and while sequel ideas have been explored at the studio, ultimately Remedy decided to create two new IPs in Quantum Break and Control. As we saw recently though, Alan Wake is still on Remedy’s mind, with the game’s writer still wanting to make a second game.

Right now, Remedy is busy working on Control, which I recently spent some hands-on time with and have impressions of HERE. After that, anything could happen. Recently, Remedy acquired the rights to Alan Wake from Microsoft, freeing the studio up to re-release the first game on all platforms, including PlayStation. It also means that Remedy is free to make a multi-platform sequel.

Adding some more smoke to the fire, Alan Wake writer, Sam Lake, recently spoke with IGN, expressing his desire to make a sequel, although he also added since it has been so long since the first game, the “bar is higher in some ways” for a second game.

Lake said that if Alan Wake 2 were to become real, it “needs to be done right”. Beyond the potential for an Alan Wake sequel, we also know that there is a TV series in the works, which will help expand the series’ reach even further.

KitGuru Says: Alan Wake is a cult classic at this point but a second game could really open the door to a wider audience. It is a shame that nothing came to fruition during this console generation but hopefully we’ll see Remedy return to the series when next-gen hits. 

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