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Arkham Knight returns to the PC this week

Warner Bros is finally putting Batman: Arkham Knight back on sale on the PC this week, after a good four months of re-working the game and making it run as well as people expected it to at launch. The game’s return will be accompanied by one last performance patch, which will add in multi-GPU support and fix a few left over bits, though the bulk of optimizations arrived in September’s patch.

WB Games announced that Arkham Knight would be going back on sale this week, it also said the PC version would be brought up to date with the console versions as far as DLC goes- which means PC players will have DLC ready to buy, there has been no confirmation on any form of free DLC for PC users that faced issues.


In a post on the Steam forums, WB said: “We want to give particular thanks to the members of the PC community who took the time to give us clear, detailed feedback and bug reporting”.

So if you have been waiting to finally grab Arkham Knight on the PC, you finally can this week on the 28th of October. The game should now finally run as well as one would hope, with no 30 frames per second cap and a decent enough level of optimization.

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KitGuru Says: Arkham Knight was torn apart by PC players at launch but now four months later, things seem to have improved a lot. I finally have a level of performance I consider to be acceptable on my own personal rig, though unfortunately I just can’t stand the batmobile. Will any of you be picking up Batman now that it is all fixed up? Are you going to hold off until it’s on sale now? You can probably find it pretty cheap on the web at this point. 

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