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Babylon’s Fall is shutting down after failing to bounce back from rough launch

While Babylon's Fall was supposed to represent PlatinumGames' big step towards a ‘live service' future, the game ultimately fell flat at launch. The team had originally planned for multiple years of content updates, but due to dwindling sales, the game is shutting down less than one year after release.

Babylon's Fall first released in early 2022 and swiftly garnered negative reviews. Concurrent player numbers dropped to single-digits just one month after launch. However, despite all of this, PlatinumGames and Square Enix expressed plans to continue supporting the title. Now after failing to bounce back, the game is being dropped.

“With the desire of delivering an exhilarating online multiplayer action RPG set in an elaborate high fantasy world, we launched the game’s official service on Thursday, March 3, 2022, and have continued to undertake additional development and operations. However, it is with deep regret to inform you that we will be terminating the game’s service on February 27, 2023”, the statement reads.

Babylon's Fall will go offline on the 27th of February. In the meantime, players can still log into the game and you will be able to play through Season 2 content. The final season will kick off at the end of November and last until the game's eventual shutdown date.

Due to the game closing down, the in-game microtransaction store is shutting down. You can no longer purchase in-game currency. However, you can still buy the ‘premium' battle pass until the end of Season 2 on the 29th of November.

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KitGuru Says: It is incredibly difficult for any live service game to recover after a rough start, and with games like Destiny and Fortnite continuing to dominate, it is going to be difficult for newcomers to really get their own live service style games off the ground. 

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