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Bandai Namco is blocking access to the Dark Souls 60fps mod

It turns out that Bandai Namco is currently blocking access to the Dark Souls I port fixing mod, DSFix, and serving Dropbox accounts with DMCA take down notices in order to have it removed. However, unconfirmed reports are popping up, claiming that this was indeed a mistake.

The DSFix mod was created by Durante and released all the way back in 2012, so it is unlikely that Bandai Namco only just found out about it and decided to try and get it wiped from the web. The fix brings numerous improvements, such as support for 60 frames per second and resolutions higher than 1024×720.


Durante posted an email he received from Dropbox on NeoGAF, detailing a DMCA takedown notice for the DSFix mod. However, earlier this morning, a new user posted to NeoGAF claiming to have new information.

The new post from forum member, Chariot, suggests that FDS (File Defence Service), a company hired by Bandai Namco to remove leaked Dark Souls debug patches, accidentally sent out DMCA's for Durante's mod, which was “not part of the plan”. This report is currently unconfirmed but hopefully it turns out to be true and the situation will soon be amended.

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KitGuru Says: Obviously, if Namco Bandai is legitimately attempting to remove DSFix from the Internet, two years after its release, then it needs to get with the times. However, it does seem like this may be a mistake. Hopefully the publisher will comment on this situation soon and get everything straightened out. 

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