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Bethesda briefly outlines Fallout 76 post-launch content plans

Fallout 76 isn't the sort of game you would expect from Bethesda Game Studios but the developers hope to keep the servers populated for years to come. The best way to do that of course, is to release frequent content updates to keep players coming back. This week, Bethesda finally began discussing its post-launch content plans, which will vary from improving PvP to adding more PvE content.

In a newly published letter, Bethesda thanked fans for participating in the Fallout 76 beta tests over the last couple of weeks. Now that we are on the eve of the game's launch, it is time to start looking towards what's next.

In the future, Bethesda will be adding a faction-based PvP system, so we'll see players begin fighting for different sides. Beyond that, there are plans for new quests, timed events and entire new vaults to explore. There will also be improvements made to base building and the C.A.M.P system.

We don't know when these new features will start rolling out but hopefully Bethesda will have a proper roadmap at some point in the future.

KitGuru Says: When it comes to games like Fallout 76, there is always the opportunity to bring more players in down the line once more content has been added. I'm going to be skipping the launch but in a year's time, the game could be completely different. Are any of you planning on picking up Fallout 76 this week? 

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