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Bethesda should be ready to talk about Fallout 4 mod tools ‘soon’

Back in November, Bethesda launched Fallout 4 and while many people on the PC side have already made decent mods, we are still waiting on Bethesda to release its official tools, which are due out early this year. Fortunately, it sounds like Bethesda might be ready to talk about Fallout 4 modding pretty soon.

Bethesda is taking mods in a slightly new direction this time around with Bethesda.net, which will serve as a hub for mods that can be played on both PC and console. When asked by a fan about when to expect an announcement regarding mods, the Fallout Twitter account admitted that an announcement would be coming soon.


Unfortunately, there's not much more information than that but it does mean that Bethesda is still on track for its plans for modding tools. It is also worth noting that while Bethesda.net will be a core part of the studio's plan, modders will still be able to upload their creations for PC users wherever they want, like Nexus. Consoles will be limited to Bethesda's platform though.

KitGuru Says: I finally got back around to playing Fallout 4 over the weekend following my PC port review back in November and while the game is good, I am pretty excited to see just what modders come up with when the official tools are available. 




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