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Indonesia’s biggest telecom is blocking Netflix access

Shortly after Netflix's worldwide rollout, the company has arrived at its first hurdle as the largest telecom company in Indonesia is going to begin blocking access to the service due to the content available on it.

The company is known as Telkom and as the Wall Street Journal reports, it has begun stopping its customers from getting through to Netflix due to two reasons, the first of which is that apparently Netflix doesn't have a permit to operate in Indonesia.


The second issue that Telkom has is that some of the content found on Netflix may not meet Indonesia's censorship requirements. However, Netflix disagrees with this, in a statement sent to the WSJ, the company said that since it is not a traditional network broadcaster, it isn't bound by the same rules.

The Indonesian government will now be assessing the situation and will decide whether or not to fully block access to Netflix throughout the country some time next month.

KitGuru Says: Netflix is trying to make its service available in all countries but it seems that may be quite difficult to achieve due to certain laws in some countries. 

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