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Biomutant is in ‘final stages’ of development

Back in 2017, THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 officially unveiled Biomutant, a unique open-world action RPG set in a land filled with mutated animals. The game has been playable at events but its release date keeps getting pushed. Fortunately, the title is now in “the final stages” of development, meaning 2020 might be the year it finally comes out. 

In a statement shared today, the developers assured fans that the game is still in development, in fact, the studio has “never been working harder” on it:

“We know many of you are wondering if the game is still in development. Let us assure you that we've never been working harder and more focused on it than now! We are doing everything we can to make this the best game all of us have ever worked on and that it will be as entertaining and great as we can possibly make it”.

The statement then goes on to note that “the work involved in finishing a game is long, challenging and unpredictable” and due to the size and length of Biomutant, that process takes even longer. A release date will be revealed as soon as the studio feels “confident about hitting that date and that the game is ready for it”.

Biomutant has been playable at PAX, E3 and most recently, Gamescom 2019, so members of the press have had plenty of hands-on time already. Chances are, the game will reappear at events this year too, hopefully in a more polished, close to final state, at which point, a final release date should be announced.

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KitGuru Says: I'm not sure that this is the sort of open-world RPG that will hook me in but I am intrigued. After all, it does seem to be juggling some unique ideas in terms of characters and setting. Are any of you looking forward to Biomutant at all? 

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