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BioWare teases more Dragon Age in December

BioWare has been quiet on the next Dragon Age game since its initial teaser at The Game Awards last year. We've heard plenty of rumblings about its development and judging by EA's current timeline for the next few years, the game won't be out until 2022. However, fans should be getting more information soon, with BioWare set to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary next month.

While yesterday marked the official 10-year anniversary of Dragon Age: Origins, the game's unofficial celebration day is the 4th of December, similar to Mass Effect's N7 Day. Fans got together last year to push for Dragon 4ge Day and raised over $7000 for charity. This year, BioWare is officially acknowledging the event and has plans to “join the community's party”.

Before anyone gets too excited, ‘Dragon 4ge Day' was a name picked out by fans, with the 4 referring to December 4th, not the 4th Dragon Age game. With that said, BioWare has been known to tease Mass Effect content on N7 Day and with the studio officially acknowledging the fan-driven event, there could be a new tease planned to expand on the ‘logo reveal' we got last year.

For now, we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, what we do know is that Dragon Age 4 development was rebooted at some point in late 2017, with the project getting properly underway again earlier this year after the release of Anthem.

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KitGuru Says: Dragon Age 4 is on the way but it is still a few years away so I'm not expecting any major reveals for a while. It will be interesting to see what does end up being shared next month though, even if it just ends up being some early concept art. 

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