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Blizzard is inviting Warcraft 3 players to a secret event, prompting remaster rumors

It looks like Blizzard is preparing for a major Warcraft related announcement. Over the weekend, it came to light that major Warcraft 3 pro players were being invited to a secret offline event, with several Europe-based players applying for Visas to take part. This has led to several rumors doing the rounds, Blizzard is preparing either a Warcraft 3 remaster, Warcraft 4 or even potentially a Warcraft-based mobile game.

The core of the story is that two Warcraft III pro players, Happy and HawK were in Serbia this month applying for a Visa to the US. Happy told GoodGame.ru that this was for “a certain offline event” the contents of which are being kept secret. He said that he “can not reveal the big details yet” but that we should expect an announcement in the near future.

This has sparked three fan theories for what it could be, the most likely of which a Warcraft 3 remaster. Previous Blizzard job listings have shown that the company is actively looking for people to maintain and update its classic games. Last year, Blizzard took this a step further with Starcraft remastered, so it would make sense for Warcraft 3 to get the same treatment.

Warcraft 4 might be more of a pipe dream at this point in time, but it would certainly be a big deal, particularly now that Starcraft 2 has wrapped up all of its expansion content. However, an announcement as huge as Warcraft 4 would probably be saved for Blizzcon.

A mobile Warcraft game is a new rumor and one that we haven't really heard anything about before. I don't necessarily agree with this particular theory at all but the idea is, Blizzard currently makes a lot of money through Hearthstone on mobile. Activision as a whole makes a lot of money on mobile via King Games. Blizzard could capitalize on that market more by bringing Warcraft to smartphones, but given the fact that pro players are being flown to the US, I highly doubt it is for a touch-based smartphone game.

KitGuru Says: I missed out on the Warcraft RTS games back when they were in their prime, so I'd be very interested in a Warcraft 3 remaster. Hopefully that is where this is all heading, but it could just as easily be something esports-related like a Warcraft tournament to bring the game back to the forefront. Would you guys like to see a Warcraft 3 remaster?

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