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Boss Key shuts down, says Radical Heights was ‘too little too late’

Just one month after launching Radical Heights, Boss Key Productions has announced that the studio is closing down. The studio was founded by Cliff Bleszinski, who previously helped lead work on the Gears of War series for Epic Games.

Boss Key Productions was founded in 2014 and the studio immediately began work on LawBreakers. Unfortunately, the game didn't take off and after trying to support it for almost a year, last month Boss Key announced it would be moving on to other projects. That other project came in the form of ‘Radical Heights', a quick way for the studio to cash in on the rising popularity of Battle Royale games, however Bleszinski has since said that it was “too little too late”.

Bleszinski tweeted out the news last night, saying in a statement that “as of today, Boss Key Productions is effectively no more”. Radical Heights was actually fairly well received, but the early access title won't be getting finished.

While Boss Key Productions is closing down, Radical Heights' servers will remain online for the near future, but it will shut down eventually with no further development work planned. Capping off his statement, Bleszinski said that he would be taking a break from videogames once again, as he did back in 2012. He hopes “to make something new again someday”, but for now, he'll be taking some time off.

KitGuru Says: Given that Radical Heights only just launched, this is fairly surprising news. It looks like Boss Key may have hung on to LawBreakers for a bit too long before moving on to something new. This also means that LawBreakers won't be getting the ‘second life' that Boss Key hoped to give it someday. 

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