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Bungie hires Destiny streamer to help fix the game

Over the last few months, Bungie has been trying to figure out how to improve Destiny 2 and adjust it to meet long-term players' expectations. This culminated in a ‘community summit' last week, where notable streamers and YouTubers gathered with the developers to discuss changes for the future. Now, Bungie has even hired one of them, who will be spending the next several months as a ‘Gameplay Specialist'.

YouTuber Patrick Casey, otherwise known as ‘Holtzmann', has hosted the ‘Destiny Community Podcast' on YouTube since 2016. He has also been a big streamer of the game over on Twitch. He will now be joining Bungie on a three-month contract as a ‘Gameplay Specialist' on Destiny 2, helping the studio shape Destiny 2 in time for another expansion towards the end of this year.

We likely won't be hearing much from Casey during this time, and his YouTube and Twitch channels will likely be fairly quiet. Once it's all over, hopefully we'll get to hear more about what it is like to work within Bungie, and see some meaningful changes to the core game.

KitGuru Says: Destiny 2 may have reviewed well at first, but over time, the game's problems have become clear. The worst part is, many of these issues were solved after The Taken King expansion for the original game. Hopefully now that Bungie has more direct contact with hardcore players, we'll see things go in a better direction. 

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