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Microsoft faces naming embarrassment as Windows 10 April Update likely to land in May

Given its on-the-nose name change, Microsoft has been expected to drop its Windows 10 April Update this week, however the company has missed its Tuesday release window. Now expected to debut next month after a delay, presumably to fix bugs, many are wondering if the company will change the name to the Windows 10 May Update instead.

While Microsoft has yet to officially address the delay, an internal memo was supposedly leaked from a Chinese retail vendor claiming that the new Update will officially land on May 9th in the country, which would make it May 8th across the majority of the Western world.

May 8th does coincide with the company’s ‘Patch Tuesday’, however, without confirmation from Microsoft’s official pages, this should be treated as a rumour. And given this isn’t the first delay the patch has seen, after originally being held back due to a critical bug, the date is subject to change.

In the meantime, Microsoft is hard at work ironing out the Update, otherwise known as Redstone 4, alongside its Fast Lane users. Elsewhere, Redstone 5 is in testing with Skip Ahead Insiders, who are currently wading through the plethora of bugs before its, purportedly, September release.

Redstone 5, otherwise known as Skip Ahead build 17655, is still suffering from user interface issues in which user cursors will randomly disappear, as well as the narrator reading text that isn’t on the screen and problems with application windows spontaneously minimising and maximising, to name a few.

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KitGuru Says: Personally, I can’t understand why Microsoft would have changed the name of the patch to the April Update with just one week left in the month, let alone the embarrassment caused by the debacle. Either way, it does seem that users will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the new features in the live build. Have any of you tested out the April update as a Windows Insider?

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