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iPhone SE 2 images appear to have leaked online

While Apple moved away from the traditional headphone jack with the iPhone 7, it looks like there will still be new devices hitting the iPhone line-up with it on board. This week, some new images leaked online claiming to show off the iPhone SE 2, which we recently heard a little bit about. The phone will revert to something closer to the iPhone 4 design, with a slightly bigger screen.

The latest image leak comes from Chinese social media, and shared by 9to5mac. The images show a fully built iPhone SE 2, which will be the same size as its predecessor, but will have a glass-back design, similar to the iPhone 8/X. With that said, overall, the SE 2 seems to most closely resemble the iPhone 4, with the metal antenna around the outside.

When it comes to Apple rumors, there are usually plenty of people who are right on the money. In fact, Apple is so bad at containing leaks, that even its internal memos about leaks and methods for combatting them have ended up on the web. With that in mind, despite fairly light information, it looks like the iPhone SE 2 is going to be a real product.

Internally, we are likely going to be seeing an upgrade to Apple's A10 SoC to boost performance, and perhaps a slightly better camera. The display from the original iPhone SE will likely carry over.

KitGuru Says: I always liked the iPhone 4 design, so I'd be happy to see it return. That said, I am unlikely to ever have an iPhone SE 2, especially after making the jump to ‘plus size' phones for the battery life increase. 

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