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Bungie will unveil Destiny 2: Lightfall in August

This year has been hugely exciting for Destiny 2. The fantastic campaign in The Witch Queen expansion was just the beginning, with Bungie adding more key moments during seasons. We're still a little while away from the next major expansion, but Bungie will begin revealing Lightfall next month. 

Bungie has been ramping up Destiny 2's story all year, starting with The Witch Queen expansion in February, with additional story content dropping over the last two seasons. We weren't expecting to start hearing about Lightfall for a little while longer, but Bungie will be showcasing what's to come on the 23rd of August.

If you've played The Witch Queen campaign, then you already know what the big hook for the next expansion is. We're finally going to come face to face with ‘The Witness', the leader of ‘The Darkness', in a big showdown over the traveller. The seasons leading up to Lightfall will bridge the gap between the expansions, and will certainly contain plenty of new information for lore trackers to get into.

Aside from Lightfall, we can probably expect some details on Destiny 2's next season, which should contain the Arc 3.0 subclass overhaul, as well as new weapons, armour and activities.

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KitGuru Says: I finally jumped into The Witch Queen at the start of Season of the Haunted and I've managed to catch up and start grinding for pinnacle gear and new exotics. Have you been keeping up with Destiny 2 this year? Are you looking forward to Lightfall? 

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