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Bungie’s first post-Activision Destiny 2 expansion revealed in leak

Earlier this year, Bungie and Activision officially parted ways, turning Bungie into an independent studio once again with full control over the Destiny IP. This was exciting news for fans of the series, who had often accused Activision of meddling with the game's content and monetisation plans. Now, we are going to finally get a better look at what Bungie can do on its own with Destiny 2's next major expansion, which leaked last night.

Destiny 2's next major expansion is called ‘Shadowkeep' and will take players back to the moon, which hasn't been a playable area in Destiny 2 so far but it was a major location in Destiny 1 and contained some of my personal favourite missions and strikes.

The leak surfaced after the latest Destiny 2 update was datamined on the PC. One of the files uncovered reveals the log-in screen message that will appear in Destiny 2 on Thursday, following Bungie's announcement live stream for Shadowkeep. The image doesn't give much away but tells us that “terrifying shadows descend upon a forgotten moon”. Players shall “return to the lunar surface” and make their way “deep into a mysterious enemy citadel”.

The expansion will be coming out ‘this fall', which likely means September, in keeping with tradition for all of Destiny's major expansions so far. We don't know if Bungie also plans to continue the yearly pass model for seasonal content but that seems likely.

KitGuru Says: Destiny 2 let me down in a number of ways but I still get hopeful that things will turn around with each major expansion. Are any of you thinking about jumping back into Destiny when Shadowkeep drops? 

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