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Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion has been revealed with a trailer and release date

Over the last few months, Bungie has been wrangling with Destiny 2 in an effort to turn it into the game that many fans expected at launch. The last few months have seen several quality of life updates, but the next major content addition is just around the corner, with the Warmind expansion having been officially revealed.

Last night, Bungie officially revealed the Warmind expansion during a Twitch stream. We've seen various leaks for this DLC over the last couple of months, but now we have official details in hand, including the expansion's prologue cinematic.

The Warmind expansion will send players to Mars to deal with Rasputin, the Warmind AI that appeared throughout Destiny 1. Rasputin has set off a chain of events that are causing ice caps to melt on Mars, revealing new parts of the map.

The expansion will bring in a new raid lair, in addition to a new end-game activity called ‘Hive Escalation Protocol', which is essentially a big horde mode with boss fights in the middle. A new end boss will be rotated in each week to keep players coming back.

Aside from that, the next expansion will usher in Destiny 2's third season of content, which will include new crucible changes, new armour options and new legendary and exotic weapons. There are plenty of other changes on the way for Destiny 2, but Bungie isn't ready to go into detail on them just yet. Last week, the studio had a big ‘community summit' with some of the biggest Destiny 2 players in order to gather feedback for future changes, which we should hear more about later this year.

Destiny 2's Warmind expansion launches on the 8th of May.

KitGuru Says: I put hundreds of hours into the original Destiny, but so far Destiny 2 hasn't held my interest nearly as well. Are many of you still playing Destiny 2? Will you be returning for the next expansion? 

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