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Destiny bug reveals future expansion content

A Destiny player has come across a bug that reveals Bungie's plans for future expansion packs and DLC content. Irish player, Ben Kinsella encountered the bug, which prevented him from accessing ‘the tower', Destiny's social hub.

While it prevented him from hanging out at the tower, it did reveal new story missions, strikes, raids and PvP modes that are currently not in the game. Kinsella went on to record a video of his findings and Reddit user, KilledByDice, was kind enough to list it all out for those who don't want to watch.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD6Ypy3hozk']


Extra content on Earth includes:

  • Level 1o Strike- The Jovian Complex: “A new Hive brood gathers it's strength beneath the cosmodrome. Find their master and purge them all.”
  • Level 18 Story Mission- The Veil Lifted: “Root out the Hive beneath the Cosmodrome and discover a long-hidden secret of the Golden Age.”
  • Level 18 Story Mission- The Seeding: “Investigate the return of ancient Hive Wizards, preparing Earth for Crota's reign.”
  • Level 20 Story Mission- Gone to Ground: ” Find a Wolves baron and his conspirators who have betrayed the Queen and are hiding in the Cosmodrone.”

Extra content on the moon includes:

  • Strike Level 14 – The House of Wolves: No description
  • Strike Level 26 – The Summoning Pits: “Xyor, the Unwed awaits your arrival at the bottom of the Hellmouth (part of an exotic bounty not new expansion content.”
  • RAID Level 28 – Crota's End: “He waits in the dark below”.
  • Story Mission Level 20 – The Wakening: “Stop the Hive from summoning Crota and consuming our worlds.”

Extra content on Venus:

  • Story Mission Level 20 – Wolves' Harvest: “Track down the Queen's traitorous Wolves and recover what they've stolen from the Awoken.”
  • Story Mission Level 22- The Citadel: “Ascend to the top of the Vex stronghold on Venus and assassinate the Wolves' Kell.”

Extra content on Mars:

  • Level 20 Strike- The Hypogeum: “The ressurection of the Black Garden has begun. Stop the Vex before the Garden's heart beats again.”

Players will also be receiving another level 28 raid and a new skirmish mode for the crucible, in which a string of victories will earn you better rewards but if you lose three times, you're out of the contest, kind of like Hearthstone's arena mode.

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KitGuru Says: Six new story missions are due to be added to Destiny as DLC, which isn't great considering the game seems to lack story to begin with. The game is fun but its widely known at this point that Bungie has failed to deliver a solid story. Hopefully these missions will fill in some gaps. Have any of you guys been playing Destiny? What do you think so far? 

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