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Amazon has completed its purchase of Twitch

Amazon has officially completed its purchase of the popular game streaming site, Twitch, for £595 million. Twitch had already accepted the deal as soon as it was announced but these multi-million pound deals can take some time to finalize.

Originally it was rumored that Google would be buying Twitch for $1 billion but it was later revealed that the company likely backed out due to anti-trust concerns. Amazon swiftly swooped in to nab the company. Twitch CEO, Emmett Shear, has previously stated that “It’s almost unbelievable that slightly more than three years ago, Twitch didn’t exist.”


“Together with you, we’ve found new ways of connecting developers and publishers with their fans. We’ve created a whole new kind of career that lets people make a living sharing their love of games. We’ve brought billions of hours of entertainment, laughter, joy and the occasional ragequit. I think we can all call that a pretty good start. Today, I’m pleased to announce we’ve been acquired by Amazon.”

Now we should see Twitch start to evolve and grow further as Amazon’s funding will allow for new streaming and cloud technologies. It will be interesting to see how quickly this extra money affects Twitch.

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KitGuru Says: Twitch has become a huge thing amongst PC and console gamers. It will be interesting to see how Twitch uses its new funds to improve the service. Do any of you guys regularly use Twitch? Are you glad that it was bought by such a large company? 

Source: The Inquirer

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