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Disney rumoured to be considering Twitter buyout


Disney may add Twitter to its list of acquisitions in recent years, joining the likes of Marvel and Star Wars, though if it did buy the social network, it would be a substantial purchase. Valued currently at $20 billion, such a buy would represent multiple years of net income, even …

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Liberty Media is buying Formula 1 for £3.3 billion


U.S. media conglomerate, Liberty Media, has announced that it is purchasing the entire sport of Formula 1 for a total of $4.4 billion (£3.3 billion). It will become part of the company's expansive portfolio, which includes a controlling stake in Sirius XM satellite radio, Ticketmaster, Bodybuilding.com and a number of …

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Vivendi gets back into video games with Ubisoft stock buy up

Vivendi is one of those background names that was in the gaming industry, but not in the gaming industry. It used to own a majority stake in Activision Blizzard, but when that publishing giant freed itself from its corporate overlords with a stock purchase in 2013, Vivendi took even more of a …

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Amazon has completed its purchase of Twitch

Amazon has officially completed its purchase of the popular game streaming site, Twitch, for £595 million. Twitch had already accepted the deal as soon as it was announced but these multi-million pound deals can take some time to finalize. Originally it was rumored that Google would be buying Twitch for $1 …

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Google might be looking to build robots for the home

One of the big stories from 2013 that scooted somewhat under the radar, was that Google went robot mad, buying up as many as eight different robotics developers in the last half of the year alone, including Boston Dynamics, the creators of Big Dog and Wildcat – those load lifting …

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Amazon CEO buys the Washington Post for a cool $250m

In an unexpected move, Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos has purchased for the Washington Post and associated publications for $250 million.  It is noted that Bezos will become the sole owner of the newspaper when the deal has been completed and that the newspaper will not be affiliated with Amazon itself. …

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