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Destiny gameplay designer moves to Bethesda

Destiny has been out for a while now. It has sold enough copies and has enough regular players to be considered a success and a new expansion is expected to release very soon. However, Bungie’s senior gameplay designer for the game has just left for Bethesda.

Josh Hamrick, senior gameplay designer on Destiny has been picked up by Bethesda. There is no word on what he is working on though, which makes sense as Bethesda hasn’t announced any upcoming projects yet.


The move was confirmed by Pete Hines and Josh Hamrick on Twitter. Hamrick has worked at Bungie for six years and joined while it was still working on Halo games.

Aside from the recent hire, Bethesda has its own press conference coming up at E3 in June, where it will hopefully announce some games and let us know what it has been working on since Skyrim and the other games it helped publish.

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KitGuru Says: Moving to Bethesda seems like a step up. Now we just need to wait for a new game announcement.

Via: PCGamesN

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