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Bungie confirms that Destiny 1’s Steam Database listing was a mistake

Update (15/08/17): As we previously thought, Destiny's listing on the Steam Database was in fact made in error, as was the appearance of Destiny Silver on the Steam Store. In a tweet earlier this morning, Destiny Community Manager, ‘DeeJ' apologised for the confusion and added that Valve shall issue refunds to those who actually bought Destiny Silver.

This doesn't really explain why this happened in the first place but my guess would be that at some point in time, Bungie had plans to bring Destiny to Steam and then scrapped it to focus on bringing Destiny 2 to PC instead. Then of course, Bungie struck up a deal with Blizzard to get Destiny 2 on Battle.net instead of Steam.

Original Story (14/08/17): Over the weekend, some keen-eyed Destiny fans spotted that the first game had made an appearance on the Steam Database, alongside ‘Destiny Silver’, which is the game’s micro transaction currency for a few cosmetic items. A few users were even able to buy Destiny Silver through Steam. Unfortunately though, this is all likely a mistake.

For starters, Activision made a big deal about partnering with Blizzard/Battle Net for the launch of Destiny 2, it seems highly unlikely that they would launch Destiny 2 on Blizzard’s platform and then bring Destiny 1 to Steam. Secondly, if Destiny 1 was coming to PC, I am sure Bungie would have announced it by now, especially with Destiny 2 just a couple of months away from release.

If you want to find Destiny on SteamDB you can find it listed as Unknown App 347300. While the app is listed as unknown, the description mentions Destiny Silver. This was Destiny 1’s real-world currency micro transaction. Some users were able to buy Destiny Silver, though a real price was not attached to the purchase, with receipts showing a €0.01 bill.

This isn’t the first time that console exclusives have appeared on SteamDB. Perhaps most famously, the Halo games can also be found on the Steam Database, and we all know how that turned out.

KitGuru Says: As much as I would love to have played Destiny 1 on PC rather than console, it is far too late to announce a PC version now. It just wouldn’t make any sense with Destiny 2 on the horizon and the Blizzard partnership. Still, it is odd that people were able to purchase Destiny Silver through Steam.

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