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DICE is making Battlefield 1’s Operation Campaigns free for all players

Over the course of 2017, DICE has been expanding Battlefield 1 with a new Operations mode. The first Operations campaign was free for all players, while the second one was reserved for Premium Pass holders. It was expected that future Operations Campaigns would also be reserved for Premium Pass holders but it seems that will no longer be the case, with DICE preparing to make all Operations campaigns free for all players.

The Operations mode in Battlefield 1 combines the large scale of the Conquest mode with the objectives focus of Rush. Each campaign strings together several maps back to back, creating a lengthy large-scale multiplayer face off.


With the release of the Fire & Ice operation campaign, DICE will be changing things around so that all Operation campaigns are free for owners of the base game. There will be some restrictions, you'll still need the Premium Pass to use certain weapons and vehicles and you'll only be able to play the current active campaign.

DICE will be rotating campaigns every two weeks, base game owners will have to stick to the same campaign for those two weeks. Meanwhile, Premium Pass owners will get to play whichever they want. In any case, DICE hopes that this will lead to more populated servers. Finally, DICE is also reducing the points threshold for completing a campaign from 30,000 points to 25,000 points.

KitGuru Says: The operations campaigns are quite fun, though having no access to certain weapons and vehicles will put non Premium Pass owners at a slight disadvantage. Are many of you still playing Battlefield 1 actively? 

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