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Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally back in the spotlight

Way back in 2015, during one of Sony's best E3 presentations to date, Final Fantasy VII Remake was officially announced. This naturally drummed up a ton of excitement but immediately after, Square Enix went quiet on the project. That is changing this year, as during Sony's State of Play stream last night, we got a brand new teaser trailer, giving us new footage of Cloud, Aerith and Barret in both cutscenes and battle scenarios.

The teaser trailer is brief, coming in at just over one minute long. However, it does say that more information will be coming in June. Sony won't be holding its own E3 presentation this year, so perhaps Final Fantasy VII Remake will be headlining Square Enix's own presentation, or Sony could have another ‘State of Play' stream planned for next month.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been once of the most exciting announcements this generation, taking the 1997 classic and revamping it for the modern era. Over time, the game has had its development troubles and has had to switch studios along the way.

At this point though, Tetsuya Nomura says that “most plans are already in place in the run up to launch”, so it sounds like we'll be getting more information on a release date next month.

KitGuru Says: Final Fantasy VII Remake is looking great so far. Hopefully next month's showing gives us a more in-depth look as there are still a few questions to be answered. Are many of you looking forward to Final Fantasy VII Remake? What do you think of the latest trailer?

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