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GOG Galaxy launches in open beta

Last year, GOG announced that it would be launching its own client for DRM free games bought on its store. Now, after a lengthy closed beta period, GOG Galaxy is opening up to everyone, with an open beta paving the way for triple A releases on GOG.

GOG is aiming to bring back DRM free gaming, putting trust back in the consumer. Thousands of gamers have already taken part on the closed Galaxy client test and now, it is opening up with potential to take on Steam. Some of the features included with GOG Galaxy are one click installation, automatic updates, a patch rollback feature and the ability to download a standalone backup copy of every game in your library. The backup copy would work the same way games bought from GOG work now, meaning that if you can't or don't want to access the Galaxy client at any point in time, you can still play your games.



Obviously, all features for the client are entirely optional and the very first major release for it will be The Witcher 3, on the 19th of May. Achievements and stat tracking will be included, so it has everything needed to support DRM free triple A launches in the future.

Galaxy also features a cross-play multiplayer feature so as long as the game supports it, those using Galaxy can still play with those using Steam. You can sign up to start using GOG Galaxy, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: GOG has been gaining in popularity over the last year or so. In addition, some PC gamers are starting to worry about Valve's monopoly on the PC gaming market. GOG wants to put trust back in the consumer with DRM free games, which will undoubtedly win some over. Will any of you guys be checking out the Galaxy client? It isn't required to play your GOG-bought games but if it works well then people may want to use it. 

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  1. The thing that people are waiting the most is ability to play GOG games with Steam friends.

  2. Now if they can broaden the games collection, get all indies on their side as well, and we might have some nice competition for Steam. Monopolies are never good for consumers.

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  4. I hate DRM, but I do like Steam as a platform. For now, GOG is limited to single player only games or games that are old. GOG seems to do a MUCH better job supporting older games.