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Half-Life: Alyx gameplay shown across multiple VR headsets

Half-Life: Alyx may have skipped its planned showing at The Game Awards but Valve did have something else planned to make up for it. This week, the folks at Tested put up a half an hour video showcasing new gameplay and also talking about how the game works across a range of VR headsets.

The gameplay isn’t directly captured but you’ll be able to see off-screen footage of it running. In the video, we get to see both teleportation and smooth locomotion, as well as more of the gravity gloves in action, which replace the traditional gravity gun for this game.

Aside from that, we learn how the game players across a range of VR headsets and controllers. Obviously, the Index works best here with the Knuckles controllers, which were designed around Valve’s VR software ambitions. However, other headsets also work very well.

The Oculus Rift and Touch controllers work well. However, the Oculus Quest with the Oculus Link cable does exhibit some video compression in darker scenes. The HTC VIVE with the Knuckles works great but the original ‘wands’ are a bit trickier due to the large tracking rings, which can get in the way while doing certain gun interactions.

Of course, this is something that could be fixed by the time the game ships, which should be in March 2020 as long as no delays occur.

KitGuru Says: Half-Life: Alyx has pretty much sold me on the Valve Index at this point. The game looks to be shaping up well and hopefully there will be more to come in January.

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