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Halo co-creator’s new game ‘Disintegration’ releases next month

While it may not be the most hyped game of the year, Disintegration began drawing plenty of interest this year thanks to the involvement of Marcus Lehto, one of the co-creators behind Halo. Beta tests for the new sci-fi shooter were held earlier this year and now, we have an official release date. 

Take-Two's indie game development publishing arm, Private Division, is attached to Disintegration. This week, the publisher announced that the game will be releasing on the 16th of June.

Disintegration is a hybrid FPS/RTS game, with players shooting and travelling around on a ‘gravcycle', commanding ground troops and firing away at the enemy. It has a PvP mode, which we saw earlier this year, but there is also a full campaign.

The story missions promise to be ‘diverse' with plenty of plot twists along the way to keep players engaged. The game will continue to be playable beyond the story too, with three PvP multiplayer modes and six maps to play across.

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KitGuru Says: I didn't play the Disintegration beta back in January, but I am looking forward to checking this out in June. Hopefully the campaign mode ends up being strong. Did many of you play this earlier in the year? Are you looking forward to the official release next month?

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