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Halo Infinite update will speed up Battle Pass progression this week

In the days following Halo Infinite's multiplayer launch, there has been a growing number of complaints around slow Battle Pass progression. Fortunately, it looks like 343 has now taken the feedback on board and changes will be made this week. 

Halo Community Manager, John Junyszek, revealed the immediate changes coming this week. For starters, players will now get Battle Pass XP on a per-match basis, ensuring you can “consistently progress through the Battle Pass by playing matches the way you want”.

Additionally, the developers will be removing some weekly challenges, making adjustments to others and fixing bugs to help players progress through tiers at a faster pace. This update will cause a Challenges reset for all players, but to make up for this, anyone that logs in to Halo Infinite between the 23rd and 30th of November will get this week's ‘Ultimate Reward', which is the Sigil Mark VII Visor.

The final change taking place relates to double XP tokens, which will be buffed from 30 minutes to an hour. The team will continue to listen to feedback on changes that can or should be made as players continue to rack up more hours with Infinite multiplayer.

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KitGuru Says: Players spoke up and 343 is listening, which is always great to see. Per match XP in particular is the biggest fix here and should go a long way to speeding up Battle Pass progression. 

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