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Halo Online’s ElDewrito mod is getting a big update this week

Back in 2015, Microsoft thought that it would be a brilliant idea to bring Halo to PC for the first time over a decade in the form of ‘Halo Online'. The game was essentially Halo 3's multiplayer brought to PC for the first time, but there was one big problem- it was exclusive to Russia. It didn't take long for modders to crack the beta, and bring it to English speaking audiences with microtransactions removed. It has been a while since the ElDewrito mod has had a major update, but later this week, version 0.6 will be released.

The last release of the ElDewrito mod was version 0.5, which came out in 2016, around the same time Microsoft canceled the official Halo Online project. Now on the 20th of April, version 0.6 will be rolling out.

For those who have never played it, ElDewrito is actually a pretty great mod. It is based on the Halo 3 engine, so graphics are a tad dated, but you essentially get the Halo multiplayer experience on PC. The mod comes complete with server browsers, ranked play, dedicated server and player host options, map and gametype voting etc.

Microsoft did attempt to DMCA the mod in April 2015, but it didn't stop the team from working on it. Since then, Microsoft has seemingly let the issue go, choosing to just cancel Halo Online and allowing ElDewrito to live on.

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KitGuru Says: It still baffles me that Microsoft thought it could bring Halo back to the PC and keep it exclusive to one country. Either way, the ElDewrito mod seems to be doing a pretty solid job of keeping everything up to date. Have any of you tried the ElDrewrito mod? Will you be hopping back in for this new update?

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