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Marvel’s Avengers next DLC character is Thor again

It has been months since the last hero update for Marvel's Avengers, with the last major update being the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man DLC. Now Crystal Dynamics is delivering the next multi-platform character – the Jane Foster version of Thor. 

One of Marvel's Avengers' major issues since launch has been the lack of diverse new characters. Rather than expanding the roster with entirely new characters, we've had a lot of doubles, with female and male versions of essentially the same hero. Crystal Dynamics has already admitted that Jane Foster will “have a lot in common” with the current version of Thor in-game, but the character will also have “elements that are distinctly Jane”.

The new version of Thor should be in the game sometime in May, with the team currently “targeting” releasing alongside the 2.4 patch. This update will also include new rewards for in-game events like Tachyon Anomaly, Corrupted Vibranium and Cosmic Threat.

Other characters rumoured to be heading to Marvel's Avengers in the future include the likes of She Hulk, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel and the Winter Soldier.

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KitGuru Says: I'm not sure another version of Thor is what this game really needs to drum up interest, but here we are. Have any of you been keeping up with Marvel's Avengers at all? Have any of the post-release DLC characters seemed interesting to you so far? 

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