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Mass Effect Andromeda test footage leaks online

Bioware has been working away on revamping the Mass Effect series for a few years now and while we know that the game is coming, we have seen surprisingly little of it. However, over the weekend, some old test footage/gameplay made its way online, showing off an older prototype build of the game and demonstrating some of the new features to appear in the game.

This particular video comes from a site called AllGamesDelta and was posted onto both YouTube and Daily Motion. However, due to YouTube's copyright process, EA were quickly able to get the video pulled, it is still available on Daily Motion though. You can find the video, HERE, but do keep in mind that the footage is from way back in 2014 so a lot about the game will have changed since then.


The video itself is less than a minute long so you don't see a ton but it does show some new open-world exploration with the help of your character's jetpack. You also see a new Krogan, an exploding meteor and a few graphical enhancements that come with the new engine.

The game itself was originally due to come out at the end of this year but now it isn't expected to release until Q1 2017. However, a leaked marketing survey from EA also shed some light on the game, giving us information on the new setting and some hints at the plot.

KitGuru Says: As a huge fan of the original Mass Effect trilogy, I have been really looking forward to seeing what's next. However, the game has been kept under wraps pretty well since its initial announcement. Hopefully we will get to see some more up to date gameplay at E3 this year. 

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