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Metro Exodus will feature some big gameplay changes

Metro Exodus looks to be one of the most exciting games of the year, particularly after its impressive E3 and Gamescom showings last year. While past games in the series have had us walking through dark tunnels and stealthing past enemy territory, there will be some big changes in place this time around.

Game Informer managed to sit down with the developers of Metro Exodus and came away with some interesting details. For starters, in Metro Exodus, much of the game will take place in the Russian wilderness, rather than in the Metro tunnels we're used to. The Ammo-based economy will also be gone, instead players will have to scavenge for materials to craft and upgrade weapons. Also as we already know, Metro Exodus will feature much larger levels compared to Last Light and 2033, though it won't be an open-world game.

Since you'll be leaving the Metro in Exodus, the station hubs are also gone, so you'll need a new place to restock. This time around, a constantly moving train called ‘The Aurora' will act as Artyom's home base. Over time, the train will go through changes and new members will be added to the crew. The game's main story takes place over a full year, with you heading to different environments in different seasons.

The final interesting new detail we have is that factions will work differently this time around. In Exodus, factions are isolated from each other and the player will be able to build a different relationship with each one.

Metro Exodus is shaping up to be an impressive game. We don't have an official release date yet, but a trailer released late last year seems to hint at an August launch.

KitGuru Says: I'm a big fan of the Metro series, so I'm looking forward to this. It sounds like 4A Games is making some big changes to the formula this time around too. Are many of you looking forward to Metro Exodus this year? What do you think of some of the changes coming?

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