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Metro Exodus will offer more freedom but won’t be going open-world

Earlier this week, Microsoft held its E3 presser and much to our surprise, a brand new Metro game was announced for the first time. We were shown a small 10 minute slice of Metro Exodus and while many have assumed that this is an open world game based on the footage, it turns out that isn’t really the case.

Metro 2033 and Last Light were both linear games and while Metro Exodus will have “large levels that offer a lot more freedom” the game won’t be ditching its traditional linear style entirely. Speaking with PCGamesN at E3 this week, Metro Exodus producer, Jon Bloch, said: “First and foremost we’re not moving away from the classic linear Metro gameplay. We still have that, but what what we’re doing with this new gameplay is more like sandbox survival.”

“There’s large levels that offer a lot more freedom, they’re non-linear, but we will have a story wrapped into them. So the story will carry through across the non-linear and linear levels”. Bloch then goes on to explain that because of this, the game is “not exactly an open-world” in the traditional sense. However, there will be larger areas to give players more room to explore.

KitGuru Says: Metro 2033 and Last Light are two of my favourite games on PC so the idea of going open-world did worry me a bit when initial reports started doing the rounds. However, from the sounds of it, the game won’t be quite as open as people first assumed, which I think is a good thing. How many of you are looking forward to Metro Exodus? I’m very excited but I would like to see some in-game footage, rather than an in-engine render.

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