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Destiny 2 console beta coming next month, PC beta in August

Yesterday, we finally got confirmation on Destiny 2’s release date for PC. While console gamers will get their hands on the game on the 6th of September, those of us on PC will need to wait until the 24th of October. Fortunately, PC players will still be getting a beta. Today, Bungie confirmed its Destiny 2 beta windows for both console and PC.

Destiny 2 will be getting a beta on Xbox One and PS4 in July, giving Bungie some time to prioritise changes and fixes to go in the first patch. Meanwhile, PC players will be getting a beta at some point in August, giving the studio plenty of time to address any PC concerns ahead of the late October release date. If you want to see the PC version of the game in action, Nvidia uploaded the first 4K PC footage yesterday:

We don’t have confirmation on what exactly will be included in the beta but I would like to think it would follow a similar path to the original Destiny beta. Perhaps access to a PvP map and the first mission of the story. Hopefully Bungie can give us some more clarification on that soon, especially since the console beta should be taking place in just one months time.

KitGuru Says: I have high hopes for Destiny 2 on PC so hopefully that beta happens sooner rather than later. There are still some questions we need answering though, including what we will have access to in the beta. 

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