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Microsoft aiming to release a first-party game onto Game Pass every quarter

Today, just ahead of Microsoft's big Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase, the software giant has published new details on the future of Xbox and what it means for gaming on console, PC or the cloud. Not only is xCloud coming to more devices than ever before, but Microsoft is doubling down on Xbox Game Pass, with plans to release a first-party title every quarter. 

We'll start off with xCloud news, as the blog post published by Xbox today includes a ton of new details. For starters, Microsoft is already working with TV makers to develop and ship a Smart TV app for Xbox Game Streaming. There are also plans for cheap, dedicated streaming hardware, like a smart stick or a low-cost set top box.

Microsoft's xCloud streaming capabilities will also be making their way to PC and console later this year. Once the software is in place, people will be able to start playing Xbox titles via streaming while the full download finishes. Beyond that, in the weeks to come, xCloud servers will finally be upgraded from Xbox One S hardware to full-blown Series X server blades, so next-gen Xbox games will be streamable.

We've known for a long time that Xbox Game Pass needs to be a hit in order for Microsoft's ‘gaming everywhere' strategy to pay off. Currently, the service has 18 million subscribers and to keep the service growing, Xbox Game Studios head, Matt Booty, said that the team is pushing to a point where an Xbox first-party game can release “every quarter”.  Microsoft is in a good position to deliver this in the years ahead, as the company has amassed an excellent line-up of studios, with 23 studios spread across Xbox and Bethesda.

We should start to see the fruits of all this labour in just a couple of days time, as the Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase is set to kick off on Sunday evening.

KitGuru Says: Xbox is getting the E3 hype going early with its blog post today. We've known for a long time that Xbox's future is looking bright, but now with E3 on the horizon, we're just days away from seeing all of this work coming to fruition. 

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