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Intel to launch 24C Raptor Lake CPUs and Alder Lake HX enthusiast mobile series

An extensive report on Intel's upcoming Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors has just come out, and it shares a lot of details about the upcoming architectures. Besides talking about these two architectures, there is also come more information on Meteor Lake and what's next for Intel. 

According to the latest video from Moore's Law Is Dead, Intel's Alder Lake CPU architecture will be available in two core configurations for desktop, S1 and S2, two core configurations for mobile, P1 and P2, and a low-power mobile core configuration named M.

S1 will come with 8x big core and 8x small cores, while S2 features 6x big cores. As for P1 and P2, the first comes with 6x big cores and 8x small cores and the latter 2x big cores and 8x small cores. Lastly, M will consist of up to 2x big cores and 8x small cores.

The report claims that Alder Lake's embargo ends on October 25th, and the first chips to release will be the Alder Lake-S S1 chips. Belonging to the K-series and featuring 125W TDP, the first chips will come with a 32 EU Xe Graphics iGPU and support for DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. The i9 processors will come in an 8+8 core configuration, the i7s in an 8+4 core configuration, and the i5s in a 6+4 core configuration. After the K-series, Intel should release the A-series in Q1 2022. This series includes the non-K i9 and i7 S1 chips, non-K i5 S2 chip (6+0), and the i3 S1 chips (4+0).

Alder Lake P and M are reportedly planned to be announced at CES 2022. Alder Lake P will feature 12-45W chips with DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 support and Xe-based iGPUs with up to 96 EUs. The ‘H' chips will mostly (maybe all) come with a P1 core configuration, and the ‘U' chips with a P2 core configuration.

Alder Lake M will include 7-12W chips belonging to the ‘M' and ‘Y' segment. All chips will come with the M core configuration and support LPDDR5 and LPDDR4X memory and PCIe 4.0.

The last Alder Lake series processor mentioned in the video is the Alder Lake-HX. This one is aimed at delivering desktop-grade performance for notebook, featuring 45-65W chips with 8x big cores and 8x small cores.

Besides Alder Lake, the video also details the Raptor Lake architecture. Set for a Holiday 2022 release, the Raptor Lake platform will be based on the LGA 1700 socket. The new CPU architecture will reportedly debut a new core architecture named “Raptor Cove”, which is basically an “enhanced Golden Cove” with higher IPC, core frequency and efficiency.

Small cores will still be Gracemont, but instead of coming with up to 8x small cores like Alder Lake, it may come with up to 16x small cores. The I/O will also be updated to support DDR5 memory clocked at over 5600MHz. All in all, Raptor Lake is planned to rival AMD's Zen 4 processors.

Finally, we get to Meteor Lake, which will supposedly be the first “full” tile design, and will compete with Zen 5 CPUs.

At the end of the third slide shown in the video, the YouTuber teases what Intel will be launching after Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake, stating that its products will be “exponentially stronger”. Moreover, sources claimed that Intel expects that Mac Pro's upcoming chip may feature 32x big cores, 8x small cores, and “massive IPC”.

KitGuru says: All of this information should be taken lightly, but if it's proven to be correct, competition in the CPU space should be very interesting once again in the next few years. 

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